Approaches to the source of moisture with innovative technologies and ingreidents.Mahina serum that combines with pure proteoglycan, leads to more luminous skin.

Making all people happy Grace from Hawaiian goddess.







Pele’s Grace never stands still!
We are heading into the new year with exciting new opportunities ahead of us.

In 2019, we took our first steps toward overseas expansion, starting in our spiritual home, Hawaii, and moving further onward to the West Coast of the United States. At the start of the 13th year since our founding, our theme is to return to our roots and, from there, move forward to ever greater challenges. It had been our longstanding dream to have a presence in Hawaii, our birthplace and inspiration.…


We opened English version website!

Skin Care Lesson

【basic care/Morning】

【Special care/Morning】

【basic care/Night】

【Special care/Night】